Conquer Online: The Oriental Assassin Springs to Action!

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After a long month of waiting, my archer finally can become the Oriental Assassin, which is the latest addition to Conquer Online! Heres the video I found on YouTube channel elaborating on how the skills can be used, if youre interested in this, click the link. >>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<< Heres what I found from other site:

Being introduced as a powerful long-range fighter, the video shows a promising future for this mystery from the East. They are not just excellent at hunting monsters, but also doing great at single or group PvP. Based on COs easy-to-learn design concept, new players can also learn how to use their assassin quickly, getting you right into the action! You begin your training as a dedicated Archer, gaining the strength and ability needed to become an ancient assassin at Level 40! With the arrival the Oriental Assassin, a new US server will also be opened on Jan. 29th, which takes the name of this wonderful new addition to CO! To give the newer adventurers a boost to help them begin their adventure, the CO team has prepared several fun events ( for all players on the Assassin server, along with a starter pack thats full of useful goodies! With the Oriental Assassins unleashed upon the world, CO now has 2 different styles of legendary swords for hire, the Ninja and the Oriental Assassin. Which will be given the opportunity to prove whos the strongest? Only time will tell!

Are you intrigued by this addition? I sure am, if you like it, join me here!