A King's Review of the Oriental Assassin, which debuts Jan. 29th!

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A: Assassin`s Advantages and disadvantages in Fights I`ve been the Assassin for days, and found he is really good at hunting monster and instant kill in 1 hit. But to instant kill, you`ll need the Spirit Focus which will cost you 5 seconds. As for monsters, the Assassin has a higher chance to hit them to death. Let`s suppose you are attacking the Snow Banshee with a crowd of people. With full stamina, you can use the Mortal Wound up to 10 times. So, dont waste your stamina at the beginning! Just wait, wait until the monster has only half of HP left, and you can easy kill it by continuously using the Mortal Wound. Using Mortal Wound with Spirit Focus is the secret for Assassin to instant kill someone even has more BP than you. The Assassins with a lot of critical attributes are able to push taoists to death with just one critical strike. Do not waste your stamina! When you have full stamina, you can use Spirit Focus for 10 times with the Mortal Wound. The Assassins with breakthrough attribute may be relatively weaker. In a word, Assassin will not be afraid of the taoist! They become the first choice to deal with the taoist. It`s almost the same to deal with those classes who are good at physical attacks. Focus your spirit and start using the Mortal Wound. Do not afraid to be hit! The Assassin has very high immunity and so many HP in the flying dagger. You won`t die by one hit, okay? You should find any chance to focus spirit. Instead of restoring your stamina, Remember, channeling spirit is much more important than restoring stamina for Assassins, any time! Using the Mortal Wound will just cost 15 stamina. And you need to use Stigma. Well, I`ve been talking a lot about duel. As for group PK, the Assassin can also fast kill a target by using the Blade Flurry after a Spirit Focus. You`ll see better effect in Capture the Flag. Stand away from the flags, and Focus your spirit. Then use the Blade Flurry. You should have confidence in the Blade Flurry. I think there will be few people alive after you use this skill. It`s also useful in Guild War that can hit dozens of targets on the wall. While if you are in a group fight outside, you just need 2 Assassin and 1 monk in your team to wipe out your enemies. B: How to be an excellent Assassin? Hi, I have been with Assassin for a week. So, I want to give some tips for players who are thinking to be an Assassin. Generally speaking, the Assassins are not weak, but they are unlike Ninja, Monk or Pirate who suddenly broke the game balance once been released. For that, I want to give Assassin 85 points. Besides, Assassins are special in position. In 1V1 PK, Assassin provides the chance for the middle-class players to kill the players who have more BP than you in a second. Assassin also plays a very importance role in group PVPs. If your guild have several Assassins, you`ll probably got better chance. Well, here are my tips: Equipment: Dragon Soul: P6 P-Defense Dragon Soul. The Assassins rely on Focus Spirit and Stigma to activate powerful attack, so you need to be stay alive with lots defense. Refinery: Head Detoxication or HP; Necklace - M-Defense; Ring & Weapon - Critical Strike or Breakthrough; Armor & Boots - Immunity Gem: Super Tortoise Gem or Super Dragon Gem. If you can, prepare two suit of equipment. Then, you can use the one with Super Tortoise Gem when you need defense. While you are using Spirit Focus and Mortal Wound, you can switch to another suit with Super Dragon Gem. Bonus Level: At least +6. When you have +6 equipment, you should have a try to challenge those players with more BP than you. Chi: Very important to Train your Chi right, and enhance your ability of Physical attack, +Final P-Damage, Immunity, Max HP and Break. Different effect of Chi will forge different kinds of Assassin. Reincarnation: You should at least have Water Taoist, so you can use Stigma. Attack Mode: In solo fights, find a chance to use Stigma + Intensify + Rapid Fire, and you can call out a deadly attack. Use the Dagger Storm soon after the required cool down time. While in Guild War or in Capture the Flag, you just need to two ranged-attack skills to control the combat. Dont forget to Focus your spirit and sneak attack the King. Oh, yes, Remember, you should wear Earrings if the enemy is a Tao.
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Thanks for the sharing, man. Excited to the coming of the Assassin today~