Conkers is a rare gem from Rare Ltd.. One of the best Nintendo 64 games ever.

User Rating: 9.4 | Conker's Bad Fur Day N64
:Good Idea:
· A great amount of parodies from a lot of popular movies, such as The Matrix, The Untouchables, Alien, and Saving Private Ryan. All of them are done cleverly, even some blending movies and video games together (Alien meets Super Mario 64).
· Awesome, cheesy story that at first glance, looks like a complete kids game, but when you look deeper into it, you realise "Wait, that squirrel just blew chunks after drinkin' too much.". I guess he's context sensitive.
· The lip-syncing in this game is superior, even to most next-generation games.
· There's a good amount of replay value, even in the single player modes. The story and gameplay is just that good. One of the rare platformers.

:Bad Idea:
· The game ends at a point that you can only wait for another to come. Alas, I've been waiting since March 8, 2001 for a sequel or even a prequel. Rare, don't forsake this game!
· The multiplayer options are pretty limited. They're fun but there's something about pixelated split screen that my eyes can't stand.

· Obviously, one of the best games for the Nintendo 64 console. Any lover of slapstick, Rare games, or even red squirrels, should pick this game up and hug it. Then play it.