This game is awesome it is to me one of the best game's for the xbox even better if you liked bad fur day.

User Rating: 9.5 | Conker: Live & Reloaded XBOX
This is one of the best games for the xbox,yeah I know halo2 is awesome
but this game is awesome too.The n64's bad fur day is when I first discovered
conkers really fun game play,the game had really fun game play and a fun
multi-player feature.Now Rare and Microsoft game studios brought it to the xbox and it is better than ever.There are some small problem that keep me from giving this the perfect score.The first problem is there are only eight multi- player maps and me personally love playing with the sniper and some maps are really hard to feel right sniping there.The good thing is that there
are multi classes you can choose from like sniper, sneaker who sneak around with a sword and daggers.Also you can choose to be ether the evil teddies or the good shc.One more thing the graphics are amazing this just shows what hopefully will be in store for the future if Rare and Microsoft
decide to make a conkers game for the xbox360,me and I bet a bunch of
other conker fans really really hope so.