Congo Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Complete any Objective map completely on your own. Billy No Mates
    You failed to reach the helicopter while it was waiting to rescue you. Close But No Cigar
    Break through the gates in Jungle Passage. Congo Unchained
    Destroy the rocks that block the road in Jungle Passage. Demolition Man
    Survive for 5 minutes on any Defense map. Fresh Meat
    Reach the helicopter and get rescued in Jungle Passage. Get to the Chopper!
    Find a way in the military outpost in Jungle Passage. Infiltration
    Blow up your whole team... IPGAFail
    Survive for an hour on any Defense map. Iron Man
    Complete any Objective map without firing a single bullet. Machete only. Machete <3
    Revive a team mate. Medicine Man
    Survive for 15 minutes on any Defense map. Not So Fresh...
    Survive for 30 minutes on any Defense map. Past The Sell-By Date

    Contributed by: Guard Master