Confrontation Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    While playing the game you can unlock the following Achievements:

    Spend 10 Weapon Points Attacker
    Kill 20 Belisarius Belisarius Slayer
    Kill 20 Biopsists Biopsist Slayer
    Make 50 quick saves Careful
    Play Melian for 5 hours Chaplain
    Play Nekhys for 6 hours Darkness Hunter
    Kill 20 Dasyatis Dasyatis Slayer
    Spend 10 Armor points Defender
    Play Taelyn for 4 hours Duelist
    Play Fera for 5 hours Executioner
    Play Nemrod for 5 hours Exorcist
    Spend 10 Attribute points Experience
    Reach level 20 with a unit Experienced
    Kill 15 Fanatics Fanatic Slayer
    Earn 3,000,000 XP points Farmer
    Use Fireball 50 times with Nekhys Fireball
    Play Caan for 5 hours Fusilier
    Use Holy Prayer 50 times with Darius Immortal
    Use Shadow's Kin 50 times with Fera In the Shadows
    Use Exorcism 50 times with Nemrod Infallible Support
    Kill 15 Initiates Initiate Slayer
    Use Wave of Fervour 50 times with Lothaire Inquisition
    Launch the game credits Inquisitive
    Play Lothaire for 5 hours Inquisitor
    Finish Chapter 2 Land of the Brave
    Make 50 quick loads Loser
    Play Haeth for 5 hours Magistrate
    Open a character data sheet 100 times Maniac
    Let your units fall to the ground in agony 150 times Masochist
    Finish the solo campaign Merin's Champion
    Suffer 50 fears Mummy!!!
    Reach level 10 with a unit Noob
    Play Darius for 5 hours Officer
    Kill 10 Pack Leaders Pack Leader Slayer
    Let Zelia fall to the ground in agony 25 times Play with fire
    Play Dalon for 6 hours Praetorian Guard
    Reach level 40 with a unit Pro Gamer
    Use Meteor 50 times with Zelia Pyromancer
    Play Zelia for 6 hours Pyromancer
    Kill 10 Ritualists Ritualist Slayer
    Use Divine Favor 50 times with Lanwys Saviour
    Kill 10 Sibyls Sibyl Slayer
    Suffer 100 stuns Stunned
    Kill 100 Scorpions Syrharhalna
    Play Lanwys for 6 hours Thallion
    Finish Chapter 1 The Ivory Dunes
    Kill a Mecasyatis The Origin of Evil
    Finish Chapter 3 The Red Oak
    Kill 100 Orcs They Must Die!
    Kill 15 Totem Bearers Totem Bearer Slayer
    Reach level 30 with a unit Veteran
    Kill 100 Wolfen Winter is Coming

    Contributed by: noz3r0, Flatchet