conflict goes modern

User Rating: 10 | Conflict: Global Storm PS2
all new weapons in this game and some of them has lasers ,yeah. every member has now4 flashbang grenades that blind your enemy and all the weapons are modern and stuff the only stupid thing is that the realistic aiming like in vietnam isn't there anymore .the night vision isn't in your weapon set anymore you just have to press L2 now and you also have a thermal vision.

the vehicle controls are diffirent now and accept when you are the driver you will have a thirth person camera .the vehicles are a landrover (appears twice) and a russian BMP-1 tank it aint much because there are 14 missions .

the game as as long as vietnam(14 long missions) and you can save more times in a mission the twice butn that depens on what difficult you play it ,the skill aren't there anymore but the promotions are back .the missions are fun and more tectical but it still gives the good conflict feeling you will have to face more tanks then vietnam and less tanks then desert storm and thats good . the charatcers are the same as desert storm but only foley has been replaced by another sniper called sherman