Can I get a great big Hoo Hah!!!!!

User Rating: 9.8 | Conflict: Global Storm XBOX
First of this game really blew my mind. This game is so cool and I'm not just saying that. Before you herd me being brutal about games well now heres me being promotional.

The whole plot or story was way better then the last games. I mean the way you hunt down this leader is like something out of a big dream. Really this game has only one flaw, but its mighty tiny.

The graphics were fanominal and pin-point. This meaning that the edges of objects and backgroung were clear. This is a plus up from their (2K Games and Pivotal Games) other games.

The sounds were awsome. This meaning that they gave each weapon its own destinct sound and the voices for Bradley or Conners were better this time round then the last.

The movement is the 1-up on this game because they have given each person thier own movements and mouth movements. Ok so its a little edgy, but that doesn't stop the mind blowing feeling that its not you controlling them.

The background was the tiny flaw I told you about. This is were the good graphics meet the bad graphics. The background always looks like a simple little painting. Yeah I said it, "a painting". What someone had to right?

Wel that concludes my review and I strongly recommend this game to everyone. This has been HaloHunter200's review. MEMBER WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!