I love this game, great addition to the series

User Rating: 9.3 | Conflict: Global Storm PC
i dont know why it has been given a 6 from gamespot it, this is a very good game

i bought this game under recommendation from a friend. i have played the previous conflict desert storm games on the ps2 and i thought they were brilliant and so different from the rest of the 3rd preson shooters out there because of the tactical qualities the games held and this new addition to the series looses none of the emphasis on tactics.

controlling a 4 man squad each with a different speciality behind enemy lines means you have to use each man's strengths to your advantage to progress smoothly through the levels and pre planned tactics work like a dream. you can hav delayed orders so that each man runs to a certain point and you have several other orders like 'hold your fire', 'hit the dirt' and other orders which also feature in the earlier games. i was told that the console version was disappointing because they had got rid of the auto-aim leaving less time to concentrate on the tactics of the game but on the pc, auto aim is just wrong so it benefits the game that auto aim has been taken off.

my main complaint is the fact that foley goes 'MIA'! he was our decoy! the one we used to die as the rest of us ran round to own them. now we have to have a crazy woman named Sherman!!!

the controls are a little tricky to get used to. other games tend to have it seems standard controls but because you are commanding 4 men, you have a number of extra commands to master and remember which you will need in the fast moving combat situations.

apart from that, the game is very good and i recommend it to any fans of the previous games and of course any tactical fps or tactical 3rd person shooter fans.