Conflict: Global Terror is another brilliant game to the conflict: series and it may not be the best of them but it sure

User Rating: 8.6 | Conflict: Global Storm PS2
Conflict: Global Terror is another brilliant game to the conflict: series and it may not be the best of them but it sure is good.
C:GT is one of those games that really isn't that good on single player but multi player kills. The Characters are the same as Conflict: Desert Storm 2 and if you have played C:DS2 you will feel very close to these charcters.

The environments are quite serviceable in terms of visuals, and they're fairly varied, with urban environments, jungles, jungle fortresses, and snowy wildernesses among the types. Squad control should be pretty intuitive to anyone who's played the Hidden and Dangerous games (although you can't pause the game and go to a tactical map). However, C:GT has some of the same problems we've encountered with H&D, from team members laying too much on the trigger and wasting ammunition to having to manually tell the party to follow the member you've switched to. Party follow isn't as big of an issue, though, and many actually prefer not having the group follow the leader automatically.

There will be someone who's good with sniping, another who's good with machine guns, and someone else who's good with explosives, and you'll want to keep them alive for those key moments. And after the testosterone overload of Quake 4, it's nice to see some women in the game, right there alongside you, popping bad guys and blowing crap up. But team members don't do particularly well on their own. Besides spraying a lot, they don't react quickly to a flank or being shot at. And this happens unbelievably often, because you'll be swarm with enemies seemingly all the time. Sadly, Pivotal appears to have chosen quantity over quality, so you'll be barraged with enemies running straight at you and standing out in the open, with the occasional duck behind cover before going kamikaze like everyone else. Sometimes they'll hide effectively, but it's pretty rare and inconsistent. They also don't animate particularly well, a problem made that more noticeable by the sheer amount you'll encounter from one end to the other (although team member animation is much better). On the one hand, it seems more realistic for a "heavily guarded" location to actually be heavily guarded, but the appeal of this is undercut when you realize that most of what you'll be doing is firing at the enemy and pulling back while they come at you light moths to a flame. They'll throw a grenade at you every once in a great while, and it's too bad they don't do that more, because it's about the only thing that will disturb my simple but effective strategy.