4-Player Co-op FPS game with great multiplayer experience!

User Rating: 9 | Conflict: Global Storm PC
Starting from the releasing date of the game... if you see at the time it was launched there were not much games with high graphics and also we had not a powerful hardware to support! CounterStrike, MOHA, DotA these all dont have cool graphics but the gameplay is awesome!

Same with this game ...i have player over 104 great games and i rate this on top as a co-op FPS multiplayer! It has four roles...
Bradley - Rifleman
Jones - Explosive expert
Connors - Heavy weapons
Foley\Sherman - Sniper

If you want to play easy you can take jones keep killing guys with shortgun and run to complete :) but thats not exactly this game is about! playing on extreme difficulty is a lot more fun! Because then each role has its value! specially the sniper role is good as its a 1 headshot kill!
Its still played alot by many players! the multiplayer has no bugs but its gamespy powered scoreboard is very interesting place to visit!
Keywords for this would be

Worth playing
Great Multiplayer
Surprisingly Great
Old School but still

Have Fun!