The best game in the conflict series by far! And one of the best PS2 shooters by far! and thats saying ALOT.

User Rating: 9 | Conflict: Global Storm PS2
INTRO: The conflict series has produced a series of mediocre titles, with complicated control system, and poor execution. The series needed a boost, and Conflict: Global Storm gave more than that. Global Storm is a kick ass third person shooter, with explosive action, a great story and a new, much improved squad command system. It can quite happily call itself, one of the greatest PS2 shooters of all time.

GAMEPLAY: Gameplay is all about commanding your squad of four troops. You can order individuals or your whole squad to do things like fire at will, follow me, hold position, shield character, run to here, hold your fire and hit the dirt. You can also seamlessly switch between the squad members using the arrow keys, to directly control that character. Action sequences can be extremely satisfying as you order your guys to cover, and tell when to shoot or when to hold back. Vehicles make their usual appearance, but this time round the physics and controls are much better using X to accelerate and SQUARE to brake and reverse. Most vehicles have heavy weapons, so it is also a possibility to order one of your squad members to mount a weapon to give you and the rest of your squad covering fire while you advance on foot. Missions have lots plenty of variety and include things like escorting civilians, finding certain items, destroying certain things, capturing high ranking enemies and sometimes escape missions in a vehicle. Mission areas also seem more open than before, with multiple paths, and the ability to vault over ledges and climb walls and ladders gives the player much more freedom. And the cut scenes are glorious and action packed, just like the graphics in general. Great game.

GOOD: Great graphics, amazing cut scenes, breathtaking action, vastly improved controls, good story, decent AI, loads of fun to be had, fantastic co-op play, brilliant sound and voice acting, lots of mission variety, plenty of blood, awesome dramatic soundtrack and the list goes on and on!

BAD: Tank battles can be unbelievably frustrating, female character (Sherman) is a little annoying.

OVERVIEW: Conflict: Global Storm is a truly terrific game, that ranks high in list of PS2 shooters. You simply cant miss this masterpiece. Gamespot are just crazy to give it a 6.2, it really is amazing.