Hit-and-Miss. Many parts of the game are executed great, but others weren't put together right.

User Rating: 7.8 | Conflict: Global Storm XBOX
Conflict: Global Terror is the fourth game in the Conflict series, putting you in command of a 4 person counterterrorism team.

Gameplay: The missions in Global Terror vary greatly, making each level exciting. The objectives are just as varied, ranging from escorting a senator, to destroying drug mixers, to rescuing hostages, to just reaching the checkpoint. The single-player game is ok, but it could have been better if your squadmates didn't waste their ammo so rapidly. The game is much better playing with a friend (or 3). It's a blast cooperating with your friends, while at the same time competing for the best mission score. One problem with the game is that your character puts his gun away after about 5 seconds of not shooting. So, when you turn that corner and get shot by the terrorist just because your character had his gun put away gets frustrating.

Graphics: Some graphic effects are kind of cool, (like if you shoot someone when they're near a wall, the blood will splatter across the wall), but for the most part, the graphics are just ok.

Sound: Where is the music? There is no music to be found in this game, so if you want some tunes, you need a custom soundtrack. The sound effects are decent at best, when they don't cut out for no apparent reason.

Value: If you have some friends to play with (or Xbox Live) then this game might last you a while, if you like this style of game. If you have no friends to play with, or no XBL, then it's probably a rental.

Overall: Global Terror had the potential to be a good game. But some shortcomings are too hard to overlook for Global Terror to be a good game.