Conflict Global Storm its a solid and worth playing shooter.

User Rating: 7.2 | Conflict: Global Storm PS2
I won't talk about the multiplayer part of the game cause I don't have access to it, so I there is no way i can know if its good or bad, so I'll just talk about the single player campaign. Global storm Intro its fairly well done, the menus of the game look pretty cool, so you start the game see the intro FMV, go on to the menus, creat a profile and so far so good, then you start the game and see another interesting FMV before getting in the game. You start like a prisioner escaping something like a prison, the graphics here are not looking very nice but they are not bad either but in other levels they tend to be more colorfull and pretty, as soon as you start the game you'll realise you'll kill the first guy easily with stealth kill, and this is a nice aspect of global storm, you can make missions in stealth or just being agressive and killing everyone with the riffles firing lots of shots.
The voice acting, soundeffects are all well done but soundtrack of menus and that stuff kinda sux, the AI its responsive but can get in your way sometimes, but you have many orders to give to your 3 brothers in arms, like hold position, folow, fire at will...
the control scheme its nice and don't get in your way, its easy to aim, shoot, switch characters, give orders...
It has a lenghty campaign lasting for many hours but unfortunetly when its over its over, I don't think you'll want to replay the game (at least in the coming days), the game its also a bit hard and some bugs will dificult it even more, like objectives almost impossible to archive, sometimes bad AI won't help.
So Global storm its a solid tactical shooter, someone who doesn't know what is a tactical shooter its a nice start (yeahyeah socom its in the stores as well), fans of the genre will not be dissapointed with the game and will enjoy it, and if you just want a nice action game maybe global storm its worth a look.

Gameplay - 7 its all ok but the shooting and that stuff in a PS2 controller just can't get me much fun.
Graphics - 7 they look better in some levels then in others, its like a mix.
Sound - 7 there is nothing really special about the sound.
Value - 8 Lenghty campaign but unfortunetly no replay value.