Wow a good conflict game

User Rating: 8.3 | Conflict: Global Storm XBOX
Global terror is the first conflict game that is actually good. The game has changed from this really stupid story from this story that is normal and that anyone can follow. I have played every conflict game, and this one sticks out the most.

Gameplay is pretty much the same as in the other conflict games, just this one is more polished, and is easier to use. The games story is about well terrorism, which is a good change for conflict because the first two were about the gulf war, and the third and worst one was about Vietnam. The game will take you to a lot of places, doing interesting objectives that are not boring. The guns in the game are like the guns you see in ghost recon. The guns look good, but you are only looking at them from a third person view. The guns act realistic which is also a bit more of a change from other conflict games. You can drive vehicles in the game, but the vehicles don’t drive in the most realistic way, but its close enough. Damage you take in the game is sort of realistic; I don’t think it would go any more realistic because one shot and your dead wouldn’t be the funniest. The enemies A.I is sometimes stupid, but at times can really just beat you down. The squad control is easy and is actually fun to use.

Graphics are alright, they are not the best on the xbox but they sure are not the worst. The sound is interesting because some of the guns do sound a bit off, they don’t really sound like the real thing and that they have the power it shows in the game.

Over all this is a game you need to check out. if you liked the other conflict games this one will just stun you. This game in the end is a fun play and is a great play wither coop or single player this game will not disappoint for the fans.