This game is awesome same awesome people same awesome weapons same awesome fun. PLAY IT LOVE IT!

User Rating: 9 | Conflict: Global Storm PS2
Okay first of all 6.2 Gamespot what is your problem with the conflict series. My dad and I have constant multiplayer ( which it is a good multiplayer game ). So this game has about the same things that all of it's awesome prequels had. This game has the same original squad Bradley,Foley,Conners,and Jones. # SPOILER ALERT# ok so the squad goes into different parts of the world fighting against terrorist groups in each country (this is where the spoiler is ) in the third mission at the end Foley risks his life to save his friends. He dies right there. So, this new person comes and replaces him she worked for the CIA in Seattle. Her name is Sherman who is an expert sniper just like Foley. The game play is awesome and you will never want to put down the controller to see what happens next. The shooting is a little different from desert storm. In desert storm it would aim for you and all you do was just push the button to shoot and poof dead. In global terror you have to aim your self now which I think is better. All in all this is a good game and try don't trust Gamespot on this review this game is awesome. I leave you with my awesome motto.