The decendent of the first C:DS, the new game isn't much diferent, but it definately has improved.

User Rating: 7.6 | Conflict: Desert Storm II GC
Well, this is a good game, nothing else. New coatings of paint, better levels, and more challenging.

There is certanly a lot better sound. Guns sound way better and the game feels better, but still not like a real war game like the amazing COD 2, which i game a 10. Voice acting in-game and in movies is a lot better too.

THe graphics do look a lot better. Sharper buildings and environments. Characters look pretty good too.

Still, the gameplay is simple, sort-of shooting gallery like because men don't really take cover. Sure, they go prone or crouch, but they don't hide behind walls.

It was probably a little more popular than the firs Desert storm, and its worth buying if you don't care about great feels to shooters. Or if you don't care at all about much in games.

Overall, this game is better than the first and is best in the Conflict series. I definately liked this better and it will meet some gamers expectations.

a 7.6 out of 10.