very underrated game

User Rating: 8.5 | Conflict: Desert Storm II GC
Despite the critic reviews i liked this game not just because of the co-op multiplayer. not only do the weapons feel like you are shooting them. like if you know me which you don't i like to feel that i am shooting the gun myself . i also thought that the ai was pretty good despite that most of the ai look like bin laden.and the tank forgot to mention them they are tough so normly you have to throw some smoke to cover your guys to try and get an angle to hit them with a rpg. and overall this is a pretty good game even if you don't like 3rd person shooters or for that matter first person shooters i recommend to pretty much anybody. and one more thing this is a rare game since there are only a few desert storm desert shield war games. the best thing is you can play with some of your buddys. the one thing i did not like is that there is no multiplayer sure there is co-op but that does not last forever.