This game was alot of fun but not quite perfect check your bargin bin

User Rating: 7.5 | Conflict: Desert Storm II XBOX
Conflict Desert Storm a great title to remind me of a little past that I will never forget. I played this game an obsereved the graphics and sound effect as above average for this type of game. I based this on playing the full spectrim warrior serious which is the base line most tactical games should strive to achieve. The game play was just right with no confusing game angles as a lot of third person games in the past make the difficult of completion much harder then the game was intended.

Overall I find this game a lot of fun but not great. The missions were set up right with correct amount of difficulty and the IA was a little easy only with some minor challenging spots through out the game. I did enjoy the different types of relestic weapons that are used through out the game. A word og advise you almost never need to use the grenade unless you just to fry some guys.

The final word is average when reviewing this game, but a lot of fun on a quite day