WOW how did that happen so much improvements from the first one. PLAY IT LOVE IT!

User Rating: 9 | Conflict: Desert Storm II GC
The game is pretty much the same same squad same weapons. The only thing different is the HUGE improvements they made. This game is basically about the Gulf War in Iraq the squad is trying to liberate the Iraqi forces from Kuwait. Bradley,Foley,Connors,and Jones are back and ready to fight. The controls aren't much different from the first one. The only thing that is different from the controls is better shooting. Also their voices changed tremendously. You also still have the option too choose between the British SAS and the US Special Ops Force. not much has changed since the first game. Also the training missions are easier to understand than the first games training missions. AT the end you liberate Kuwait and save the whole country from Iraqi forces. I have to say i was really surprised about this game. I thought it was going to turn out just like the first.So, i leave you with my awesome motto