Freshly Brewed

User Rating: 8.5 | Conduit 2 WII
It's all about killing. Want to Kill a human? An alien? A robot? It's all here. You play as Mr. Ford, "The Destroyer", The hero that is the only one capable of saving the world from his nemesis John Adams. You can blast in campaign and in multiplayer, each evoking a different feeling. In campaign, you'll do a lot of blasting as well as exploring with the trusty ASE. Scanning with the ASE and unlocking achievements will give in-game currency, and with that, you can use new weapons and perks to defeat weaklings and not so weaklings alike.

Now onto the scores:

2.0 } Gameplay - Editable controls, two control types (Wiimote and Classic Controller) gives options to more types of players. You can run, jump, flip tables and soda machines for cover. Very fun once you get the hang of it, and VERY customizable, which is good.

1.5 } Story - The story is pretty normal, but what can you expect from a first person shooter? My main interest in those games is shooting and the story gives you good reasons to aim at different kinds of enemies, so I guess it works. I like the immersion Scanning objects gives, it ties actual conspiracy theories with the game story. More than once I was searching in the internet for information on objects found in the game.

2.0 } Graphics - There are some framerates issues sometimes, which I don't mind. But the graphics look real nice. Cool textures and some interesting designs, both in character models and in the environment.

1.0 } Sound - Normal voice acting and sometimes suspenseful music.

2.0 } Replay Value - You'll be in multiplayer losing time and sleep lots of time.

8.5 } Total - Its a fun, unique shooter for the Wii.

Conclusion - "The ending. That stuff was whacked"

Four types of weapons, Humans, Alien, Robotics and Atlantean, gives you the power to destroy both Campaign and Multiplayer. Heck, you can even co-op to fight hordes of creatures. This is a game the Wii needed, and hopefully we see more of this series, updated with the experience High Voltage is Acquiring in this genre.