Conduit 2 builds off the first game, and goes a slightly new direction.

User Rating: 8 | Conduit 2 WII
The Conduit 2 is......well.....odd. These things kind of either ruin the stuff from the first game, or put in a new direction you can sort of appreciate. Its a really weird feeling but in the end its Surprisingly good.

STORY: Takes place directly where the first one ended. Micheal Ford walks through the portal with Prometheus and que the start of Conduit 2. Basically Fords after Adams, and evil alien that looks like a human. The writing is basic. The game takes a B-movie approach. The two voice actors from the first game are gone and replaced with Duke Nukem voice actor (no joke) for Ford and some robotic british voice for Prometheus. Now this game is full of one liners and stuff like that. The writing and story are solid at least and the banter between the other two characters is sometimes witty.

GAMEPLAY: This is the only really Wii exclusive shooter and I give High Voltage Software props for that. The weapons this game gives you and varied and have alternate fires. Keeps the gameplay fresh. Levels are more open and diverse than the first game. What I have found playing is Multiplayer. Bunch of modes and maps, loadouts, character skins ect. The multiplayer modes are featured, and also this game cares a splitscreen component that I really enjoy.

PRESENTATION: Looks amazing by the Wii standards. It looks good but has choppy textures.

This game holds a special place in my heart. Not all might enjoy it, but I certainly do