Good game overall. worth the money.

User Rating: 7.5 | Conduit 2 WII
Pros: Good new bad guys,
Great new guns,
Nice level design,
Split-screen multiplayer,
New ASE view (I liked the old flash light look better but that's just me),
Cool storyline,
Andromeda (you'll know what I mean when you play the game)

Cons: No hidden ASE puzzles,
No invaders,
No thermites in campaign,
Spit screen can only use stuff on loged on one profile,
Lo quality cut scene graphics,
They changed Mr. Ford and Prometheus's voices,
Needs bigger maps

I think it was a good game as you can probably tell I like the fist one better but that is no reason not to get this one.Anyway I will give you a few tips. The SMAW is the most power full weapon in the game. Now i know what you are thinking what about the dark star cant it fire a black hole, wouldn't that kill anything instantly? Yes, but I have two reasons for my statement. One, its primary shot is near about useless, two, the black hole is so unstable that it might kill you, there is no way of knowing, for those of you who played old scorched earth it is like the funky bomb. The trust advancers can really only be killed by shooting him in the head this may take a little wile depending on what kind of gun you halve. For those of you that don't know, the ammo salvage upgrade almost gives you unlimited ammo. Widowmaker Turret is not vary use full in most situations but when you need it you need it bad. Well that raps it up so have fun and good gaming.