What happened to Hardcore Team Games? Or Free For All?

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I'm thankful that I can still find people online at different times of the day, but why is everyone on JUST Big Team Grab Bag? Ever since the game came out, it's been incredibly laggy at times, and the solution for me was to play on Hardcore Team Games. Lag was a rare to non existent occurence, and the game was a lot more challenging (and fun) without the aid of target lock. People using target lock, people bunny hopping around the map, and lag was never a fun time for me. Being rank 60, and a Conduit 1 veteran, I would like more of a challenge and less lag. If anyone is still here, and if anyone is reading this and still plays Conduit 2, play on Free For All or Hardcore Team Games. Please keep these sectors of the online component alive. STAY away from the laggy team mode. If I'm just going on at the wrong times of the day, and people DO still play Hardcore Team Games, I would very much appreciate it if someone told me. :) I still have a place in my heart for this game, even two years and an Xbox 360 (with a LIVE subscription) after.