Finally a scary crime game.

User Rating: 8 | Condemned: Criminal Origins X360
This one goes to my fiancee who convinced me to get the 2nd one which was amazing but this one is good as well (Just not as good). Its dark cold environment really bring you into the game and you can feel your heart beating as you progress. The graphics are fairly good just some minor things here and there but the shock factor of things jumping out of nowhere is high. The gameplay is very well designed as with the story. Toward the end of the game things seem to get very odd and your not sure if the main character is crazy or not which makes the game even more in depth. some flaws are the graphics, some levels don't seem to blend well and lighting is an issue at times (yes I know the game is dark but come on now with gamma all the way up you should be able to see everything). Overall a good game to play. 8/10