Condemned: Criminal Origins is a solid game, that build on very good story, immersive dark atmosphere and extreme fear!

User Rating: 8 | Condemned: Criminal Origins X360
Condemned: Criminal Origins provided so many scary moments, from the dark atmosphere to the brutal fights, so that this game can easily be voted in top two of the scariest ever games. I picked up this game recently (along with Condemned 2 which i am playing right now) and decided to give it a try. Those of you who have been reading my reviews or blogs will probably know that i am a big story-guy which means i enjoy great stories in a video game. And this is one of the things Condemned provided for me.

Very good story i would say. Very engaging, sadistic in a sense, with a good twist and unexpected ending. 9/10

I found them dated, BUT because i played the game 5 years after release. Back then they would have to be amazing. 8/10

Sound/Voice Acting
Good, but not great. 7/10

It is a bit dated, but still solid. Using melee weapons only and the limited amount of ammo provide real challenge and instill fear in every corner of this dark adventure.8/10

Overall, i am glad i picked it up and played as good story-based games, with good stories that is, are hard to find nowadays. I will definitely buy Condemned 3 on day one and that says a lot. 8/10