It really is a poor game

User Rating: 4 | Condemned: Criminal Origins PC
Poor graphics, good for their time and i have seen them use high textures on some surfaces so whats the excuse for the extremely bland non-textured weapons? The game consists of just a few weapons so why not at least texture them? The guns look like they are made out of grey putty.

The physical player movement is by far the worst i have ever seen in any video game i have ever played in my life. You walk 1mph which cuts down to .05mph when you walk at an angle or try and sidestep. Yet the sprint feature lasts 1 second and is always empty and sometimes just drains on its own. And for some reason walking up/down stairs slows you down to a crawl.

For a game mainly based on melee combat why can't you use your pistol to melee? You can only melee if your weapon runs out of ammo.

The melee system is extremely simple that consists of nothing more than taking turns meleeing eachother and a block button that rarely ever works correctly. You had one job.. one job and you still managed to make it suck.

Its not scary at all..The enemies just make sounds and run at you from across the room, there is maybe one or two moments where enemies jump out at you and actually scare you.

Extreme tasteless and offensive, multiple times they say "be careful these areas are infested with "drug addicts" and those are the people who come out trying to kill you with crowbars and tire irons.

Just plain dumb. You are trying to investigate sewers and gross crime scenes to find some serial killer who leaves many clues.. Yet it never crosses their mind that MAYBE JUST MAYBE it was the guy in the brown coat who just jumped out at you with a freaking CROWBAR trying to kill you in the same place you are looking for the serial killer. The game is just extremely senseless.