Solving crimes hasnt been this fun in ages;)

User Rating: 8 | Condemned: Criminal Origins X360
while back i played this,,

it had an interesting story,,mostly boring but it was good,okay,it tried alltheway to scare u and it didnt suceed on that,,atleast for me,,but i liked the story anyway,,

now graphics i liked,,great used of engine,,visuals,,where outstanding and exciting,,crucnhy,,u could do stuff to the inviroment ,,great;),,almost neverseendbeforre-.,,,

i liked the puzzles and they where very good and smart,,it took forever to figure out thigns,,cuz the puzzles where deep and smart,,

those bad-guys commiting those crimes always ran away from u,,and u trying to figure out the whole mess by yourself,,though with a companion not so clever,,

the A.i,,was good enough,,u can choose diff levels;),,the whole game is good artwork i think,,u can also,,se artwork ,,photos and such,,in the extras or seomething o nthe main menu;),,

char models felt good,,so with their expressions,,faces etc;)

,,textures also felt good,, ,,minuses i think was that camera didnt always work right neither the breath-taking enviroments,,u could get stuck,,but otherwise,,pretty good;),,u could take snapshots and stuff,,Nice;),,

al lthe char u meet ,,etcetc where good enough,,mostly just the badguys comtiiting those crimes where scary,,scarier than the scary cutscenes;pp;),,

options menues etcetc,,where all nice;),,i liked spcially all the dialog,,Best part;),,about this game;),,along with the good puzzles;(,,

all the diff weapons,,music,,ingame voices,,u can hear cranes dripping,,and your own crowbar/crane;)was good,,also the echo,,fro mwater,,or urself,,or ur enemies,,exelent;),,

Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Value tilt 7/10
Overall: 8/10