Loved the first game..disappointed in the second.

User Rating: 5.5 | Condemned 2 X360
I know 5 doesn't seem like a fair review for a game that is obviously more than a five, but the 5 is based on my experience and how disappointed I felt after the first game.

This game is hard and frustrating. What makes it so hard??? Well for one in the first game you could kill an opponent by simply beating him enough times, in this game that felt changed. I felt like I was constantly beating on opponents but they wouldn't die. Smacking, pummeling, hitting, smiting constantly but it didn't matter, they just shook it off !?! Only when I hit them in a chain of combos would it seem like they would die. This was kind of frustrating. I was never a fan of fighting games so having to do combos to take an opponent go down was a bit of a turn off, especially since in the first game it wasn't necessary.

They added new environmental kills, but often I felt that since I was fighting more than one opponent it was hard to take advantage of them. I wish I could have used them more.

The opponents in this game are a lot harder than the first one, there are guys in a museum wearing armor that makes them frustrating to kill.The game is full of cheap deaths a plenty and this is what made the game unplayable to me.

It's really hard to say much about this game except that it was frustrating, I hated that I had to combo my opponents for them to finally go down. I can't express how annoyed I was when I would constantly beat on someone without feeling any results.

I don't want to comment on some of the more frustrating segments in the game because I don't want to spoil any moments for anyone. I stuck out this game for quite a while simply based on my love for the first game but eventually the game won and I had had enough. I would play the first one again for sure, but this one even though deep down inside I'd love to give it another chance the game is just too frustrating.