Atmospheric Success

User Rating: 8.5 | Condemned 2 X360
Condemned 2: Bloodshot is a great experience, the atmosphere, fun combat system, crazy homeless lads and everything else included in the game makes the second installment of Ethan Thomas' wild life fun and memorable.

The atmosphere is what made Condemned Criminal Origins such a spectacular thriller and once again works well in Bloodshot. Lighting is scarce and shadows always seem primed to reveal an enemy who plans on taking a swing with a 2x4, lead pipe or any other blunt object that is lying around. Unfortunately the game does not stick to this formula throughout the game and it eventually turns into a lot of gunplay in the later missions.

Fortunately even the transformation from thriller to action game doesnt hamper the story at all. The villian is sadistic and memorable, the plot ties together well and the grusome discoveries that you make throughout the game all serve a purpose to the main story.

There isn't much combat creativity outside of the specialized environment kills. Using TV's, electrical boxes and everything else scattered around the world is grusome and beautiful but the chances to do this are scarce and difficult to accomplish while in the heat of a melee.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot plays out like a perfect action/horror/mystery/thriller game but unfortunately failed to focus its time on one of the genres and tried to be each one at the same time. If one or two of the genres were focused on the game could be better but regardless this is still a well thought out game derservant of an 8.5 rating.