Pretty Sweet

User Rating: 8 | Condemned 2 X360
I've always been a fan of the Condemned series. It's a game that actually keeps it's scare factor. The story is certainly different from other FPSs and action/adventure games. I love all of the different types of weapons to pick up and beat the **** out of someone/thing xD. I do have to say it was a tad short for me. It might of seemed just a little short to me because I played it non stop, but that's just me, no big deal, like 7-10 hours I'd say. Also, (spoiler alert) the last mission had a lot of gun play, which isn't this game's strength, but the guns are still amusing. I did feel that the upgrades and combos were kind of lame, you get too caught up in spamming the triggers. I did love throwing weapons though :p. Aside from all of that, the scares kept up and the game was a unique and brutal experience.

Most people did not like the multiplayer. To be honest, I found it rather fun. I'm not strongly sided to single player, or multiplayer in games. I can care less if a good story game adds online competitive modes, as long as the story is still good. I'd rather buy a game with multiplayer so I have something to do after campaign and I haven't gotten enough. Condemned 2 had the standard game types, along with a type called Crime Scene, which is a good change in pace, Bum rush as well.

The Bloodshot Fight club was cool too, different solo challenges and all with leader boards.

There were glitches, the frame rate got annoying sometimes, and the player movement animations were unrealistic online, as well for Ethan Thomas o.o All in all, this game was a cool, scary, and brutal, time and you definitely should check it out.