Looked at Criminal Origins, polished the rough edges and moved on from there.

User Rating: 8.5 | Condemned 2 X360
After many failures with the new Sonic series, Sega decided to try grotesquely violent video game development. I can almost hear them laughing: "Violence; good let's go with it!"

Sound: You won't hear music all of the time, but there is always a screech on a violin string waiting around the corner. This games musical score felt more a part of the game than just something you hear in the background.

Graphics: Although the graphics still appear somewhat dated, they are still a significant improvement over the first installment.

Gameplay: What makes this game a solid 8.5 is the straight up first person ferocity. It's not easy to make a first person camera work so well with a melee fighting system, so I say kudos to Sega for such an engaging and relentless combat system. The strange thing is that fighting with blunt objects is much more fun than using a fire-arm, but don't get me wrong - It's fun to shoot, too. There are multiple ways to kill your enemy: throw them off balconies, punch them in the face repeatedly until dead, pop off their head with a firearm, many many possibilities. One bonus of this sequel is the addition of good old fisty cuffs

Controls: No problems here.

If you enjoyed the first one, please take a look at this one. But, if you're squeamish, then I'd recommend sticking with the first. It's not quite as grotesque . Adios.