Incredible improvement over the first

User Rating: 9.5 | Condemned 2 PS3
Wow what an improvement, its currently august 2013 and i just recently purchased the first condemned on pc for about $3 for steam. While it was quite a simple and bland experience, i felt the need to continue on with the story and purchase the second one.

Unfortunately they did not follow through with their promise to release the second one on PC, for that i knocked off half of a point. This game would have been a real masterpiece had it been released for pc because the improved textures would have really shined using a pc's higher resolution.

That leads me to the PS3 version.. I have to say i am impressed, the first thing i noticed was MUCH better textures in the graphics than i had seen in the first game. I have to say i am very impressed with blood shot's graphics considering it was developed 5 years ago. Even on the ps3's lower resolution i was still able to see the crisp textures of the creepy black oil-tar and also on various different surfaces. For a 2008 title it looks just as good as many games released today.

Besides just the improved graphics EVERY aspect has been tremendously improved. The voice acting, the animations, the character interactions, the facial details, the hand to hand combat, the melee combat, the upgrade system, the weapons, the tazer, the sprint/maneuvering system.. Also the detective aspect of the game is a night/day improvement over the first game. I could go on forever about how much the second one has improved but i am just going to keep it simple. The weapons now have attatchments and iron sights mode, the melee system now has more than just punch and block, it has various combo moves, and even some amazing quicktime/button response events. The detective system is soo much better its not even funny, there are various options you can choose to describe how a scene played out. Also the running is much less cumbersome than the first, now i can actually sprint freely and turn much faster, you no longer slow down to a crawl when crawling up and down stairs. Also there are much more melee weapons than the first one.

All in all, this game makes the first one look pretty lackluster. I would highly recommend this game because it is 5yrs old yet looks like a game you would see released today.