If you can cope up with a lot of darkness n never before seen freaks,this game may be enjoyable,otherwise move on!!

User Rating: 7 | Condemned 2 PS3
Condemned 2:Bloodshot begins where Condemned:Criminal Origins(CO) left,,but hey the latter was a much more interesting,scary,and kinda addictive game,so what's new in this 3 years later sequel?? Besides Hand to hand combat,some useless modifications(regarding gear),and few a**hole bosses,nothing much.

The STORY is ok(some may say good) but if you have played CO,it's nothing in comparison to that,,,what i mean to say is that to hunt down a serial killer(SKX) is way better than to know why half of Americans have gone mad!! One good point though-The story definitely pushes you to finish the game(though in my case it was my love for CO).
U again fill in the shoes of ex-detective Ethan Thomas who solved the mystery behind a number a murders in the last edition of the game,but now has left the job and befriended alcohol and painkillers,,until u get a desperate call from SCU to find a former associate of yours(Valcolm Senior) and uncover the mystery behind his message.Now u must fight your addiction,n a load of psychopaths and discover the real reason for your re-appointment.

The ENVIRONMENTS are again picked up from CO,and these are the only good thing which actually make the game enjoyable and a bit,,yet some levels are so dark that u can't see where Ethan(protagonist) is going,and the flashlight(must b a pencil-torch) or UV light are useless(especially in the last mission) and utterly frustrating.

The COMBAT is much similar to CO,but the introduction of hand-to-hand combat + some new abilities are pretty decent,,ammo for guns is found quite easily in the later half of the game,but the melee weapons are the life-savers in many situations.In the end though,a new ability looks quite interesting!!!
Once again you have to fight the psychopaths(who look nowhere near human,especially the crawling ones) and in some missions SCU officers.
Bosses are cool,yet some are pretty easy to kill.Overall the combat is easier that of CO.

Overall the game is good,but sometimes disturbing and frustrating.So if u lack patience and/or hated Condemned:CO,,don't grab it!!!!