Amazing graphics, intrueging storyline.. Thats about the extent of this game!

User Rating: 3 | Condemned 2 X360
Whatever you hear, read or see about this game it can't compare to actually playing it for yourself. I do like the effort placed into the campaign in regards to the graphics and story, although the conclusion for me just wasn't all that satisfying! The amount of glitches that occurred for me were herendous and the gameplay was absurdly hard, even when playing on easy.

Your shortly introduced to the ridiculously challenging combat system only moments after beginning the game. The dodgy controls do not make it any easier either, oh did I mention your incapable of jumping or crouching despite the occasional shoot out scenes. On the other hand the weapon range isn't ovally terrible, weapons will frequently 'break', the guns are very limited and rare, also ammo is very scarce given you aren't able to reserve clips (there is no reload system).

The game continues out like this but still manages to worsen, the graphics may be good but the mapping and layout of the game is terrible, often finding simple locations or paths that you must follow can prove to be a major challenge which at times begins to get extremelly frustrating.

That essentially sums up the campaign, the multi player is much worse. There are 5 different game types, all very dull and not so creative. The maps that they are played on really limit the amount of fun to be had and as previously mentioned the engine simply destroys it.

For a partial achievement hunter such as myself this game isn't even worth the trouble given about half the achievements must be accomplished online, even when the game was new it wasn't very popular (for the above reasons).

I give this game a 3.0, the only good aspects being the outstanding graphics, the darkness of the game ruins it at times though. The storyline was rather interesting, at times rather twisted and scary and the weapon range was interesting.