Mortain Counterattack

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I just picked this game up off Steam years after it's release. It was pretty decent until I reached this mission. It's completely ridiculous. I've read walk-thrus and pointers everywhere and they all say, you must do this and do that. Problem is, you can't generate resources fast enough to hold off the Germans at more than two points at a time. I destroyed the Panzer HQ, and they still keep coming.

Maddening thing about this game is just how dumb the crews are. With the exception of MG, all crew served weapons won't make a move to engage a target unless I intervene. Tank crews are even dumber. If I tell them to engage, they'll often turn the tank completely around in some wacky maneuver, then get demolished with a direct hit to their rear.

Trying to micro-manage the crew-served weapons while simultaneously moving to take strategic points without getting wiped out makes for some serious carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Anyone know of any cheats to get by this mission? I haven't found any.

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On easy and normal, I try to make a stand on the hill and break off units to run for the extra points. Usually works out for me getting the medal. Now on hard, I have been stomped throughout with all three tech trees, on the hill and by the HQ. I throw down defenses as fast as I can and build another base in reserve using extra crew weapons laying around for defense. I can hold them off and counterattack but I lose points so fast I can't win. Rangers have automatic anti-tank capabilities, paratroopers can drop on an isolated point and grab points. Armor, if you can build up fast enough, can bring a nasty surprise but it takes time you don't have on this map. With crews and tanks, use the shift key to get them to line up quicker.