Far too short to justify the cost.

User Rating: 2 | Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor PC
Short and Pointless. If this is what the consumer is going to be forced to pay for then I`ll rather spend my cash on toilet paper.
The new campaigns are a joke, Any COH player worth his salt will
chew it up in a hour and a half. The game is still broken, You get lag when you play against the Brits in skirmish mode. The sound for the expansion races is mysteriously gone when you are playing the Gold Edition.
I`m sad to say that although this is arguably the best RTS around the developers seem to lack the will to fix all the problems that this series has since its inception. Do not waste your money when there are plenty of free mods out there which eclipse the efforts of Tales of Valor.
With Starcraft on the horizon I suspect this IP will fade into memory for many RTS fans out there and to be honest I wont be sad to see this happen because the menial effort made by Relic on this expansion is a slap in the face to anyone who has supported them over the years.