This game is disappointing, only get it just for skirmish/online play. If not then get the anthology to get the l

User Rating: 6.5 | Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor PC
Contents Of Game:
Firstly Tales Of Valour contains 3, three mission campaigns, unfortunately they are very short. A plus to this game is that all 4 factions are unlocked instantly if you buy Tales Of Valour, extra units that are added, make more possible strategies. One main problem though is with two of the units, is that they are Overpowered. Go to the Company Of Heroes Forums or site to find out why.

Secondly is the three Operation modes:
1. Operation Panzerkrieg is a straight up control the victory points and deathmatch mode using your tank that you can upgrade to make it more effective. Infantry can be called in on defense and Air support can be used, plus artillery.

2. Operation Assault is a mode in which Allies vs the Axis, fight with Hero units, from Recon jeeps or bikes ranging to heavy weapon specialists and officers. The objective is to break through the enemy lines, upgrade your hero, destroy enemy emplacements, until destroying the base at the back of the enemy lines.

3. Operation Stonewall is the final mode of the three that players can play as the Americans or the Whermacht, in which they can play online with up to 4 players co-op. The players must defend a maximum of 16 waves, the last of which is very difficult. The players must also capture the 5 key buildings of which the bonuses can provide extra population and healing, repairs and more.
Units must be unlocked and each player must specialise in their forces due to the low manpower being gained.

Graphics, the graphics quality is brilliant, but you will need a good graphics card of at least 8800GTS and at least 2 Gb of ram to play the game in at least medium quality.

Lastly online play is a blast, with the 4 different factions with exclusive doctrinal abilities and units, only get this game for the online and skirmish play mainly.
If you want the campagins then get the Company Of Heroes Anthology because you get the whole lot.