COH fans will be disappointed in this one. It's time for the Russian or Japanese perspective, or the Pacific battles!

User Rating: 6.5 | Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor PC
To me, COH is the greatest strategy game in existence. Opposing Fronts was an absolutely awesome sequel. Tales of Valor was an serious let down to the franchise.

Tales of Valor adds only six missions to the campaign; six? There are three short stories; emphasis on short. On the bright, they are great missions. The German panzer missions add a refreshing change of pace. Also, if you aren't satisfied unless you get every medal offered, you will be challenged with the Falise Pocket Mission One medal; it's tough. The excellent game play, graphics, and music are all maintained from the previous games.

If you've never played COH, DO NOT start with this one. Please, please, start with the original. If you are a COH fan and haven't got this one yet, you must add it to your collection but be prepared to be disappointed. Check the bargain bin.

Relic and THQ, COH fans are ready for something different. There are a lot of options out there; Russian, Japanese, Pacific battles. Those would be a VERY desirable additions to the franchise and I'm sure all COH fans would be on it in a heart beat as along as you provided the same quality campaigns as the original or Opposing Fronts.