Hello from Russia. "The North remembers" or something like that.

User Rating: 1 | Company of Heroes 2 PC
Sorry for my english, it's terrible, i know, but i just can't keep silent. I can't say anything about game-play or graphics or other stuff and i'm sorry for that, too. In fact, the only thing that i can say something about is the plot of this "cool" game.
And you know what? The biggest problem of this game - its plot. Why? Because it is stupid. As stupid as can be. Foolish plot, deceitful plot, abusive plot. Full of Nazism, agitation, lies. It consists entirely of desecration of history. I am russian, my grandfather is veteran, war hero and i'm glad that he will never see how "grateful" some "good" persons to him for liberation from Nazism. This game made me cry. I hope next time screenwriters would learn more about history of war they showing in game. Truly horrible.