Good but getting old!

User Rating: 8 | Company of Heroes 2 PC
I think this game is good but the format is starting to show its age.

Pros: proven RTS, superior sound effects, great graphics

Cons: main menu upgrade selection confusing, could use a simple facing button instead of dragging and pulling to face vehicles and troops, no German campaign

I like Coh2 but once i finished the main campaign and started on battles i couldn't help but feel a little bored like ive been here before. Yeah the new winter elements are a nice touch and the sound is the best ive ever heard BUT its pretty much the same game as COH1 but with different units. that may not be a bad thing... but it is the same old thing.

i wouldve liked to see larger units especially as the russians. picking my general and the bulletins on the main menu are confusing

lastly: being able to change your keyboard commands has been around since the early 90's ..maybe relic will get the idea that right handed players find it inconvenient to reach over to the arrow keys to move the map

still i gave it an 8 for production value