Company of Heroes 2 is amazing game ONLY for Comp stomping world and skirmishers but it fails too much in multiplayer

User Rating: 3 | Company of Heroes 2 PC
If you are doubt to buy this game yet i can make it easy for you to decide , i spent over 200 hours testing alpha and closed beta and open beta + base game.
this game is extremely awesome for those who want to play as soviets and complete the single player missions , if you pre ordered this game you get a mini pack called Theater of war and you can do more compstomping there you can even do COOP and do operation stonewall and so on ...

Let's get to multiplayer: first of all if you enjoyed company of heroes 1 and you are expecting this game to be the same game with more graphics and same game play you are so mistaken. in better words i can say COH 2 multiplayer is like COH1 wehrmacht vs british faction matches.
Poor army design makes soviets totally over powered specially in crew fights , they have 2 men sniper and 6men team weapons and since in this game you have a pop cap of 100 right from the start you can spam as much as units you want.
Matchmaking and esport team games like 2v2 AT and 3v3 AT back in coh1 has no place in CoH 2 , there are no ladders.
Soviets have so many options to fight with and so many abilities per unit in fact they are totally british army with none mobile base.

Commanders (Doctrines) are not like what we had back in coh1 , sadly for Germans it doesnt matter which doctrin you choose because they have no useful and UNIQUE feature , on the other hand for soviets its really important which doctrine you choose however still soviets doctines are like germans and dont differ too much most of them do the same thing.

I am not a fanboy for any factions and i am not pointing at balance issues as this game will get updated but there are few things which is gonna be unchanged such as 6 men crew and 2 men sniper and soviets stupid abilties such as T34 (Medium light tank) ramming and disabling a Tiger.

This game was a big let down for multiplayer players , in one word the difference between COH1 and COH2 is like Red alert 2 and Red Alert 3 Exactly

I hope this review has helped you to decide for buying this game