Part 1 was my favorite game ever

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Probably have spent 500 hours on it, I almost want to curb my enthusiasm for a sequel so I won't be disappointed which seems to be the norm for the gaming industry on sequels lately. 

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I laughed when I read this topic ... because I have played the campaign in the first game about 7 times .... and I never get bored from it ... and it never gets old ... Fantastic game ... second expansion was O.K., but I really didn't like the last expansion ... The key though is that after all these years ... the original game still holds up really well ...

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i spent 1 mounth on it day and night i played hahha this is the best strategy game ever produced by the dev i am so glad 2 is coming yeh heyyy yes i cant wait till i get my hands on it not long left wee hee thanks to the author of the game love the game allot i found some good cheats on this site the stafs are good and there is nice cheats for part 1 looking forward for this awsome