anti-Russian propaganda, an insult to our fathers memories

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wow, such a shame developers picked only worst about Russians, showing only bastards performing one atrocity after another and called game company of Heroes...

I want my money back.

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wow someone is wearing pink shades all the time WAKE up germans did admit all the crimes(well most of em) while soviet union didnt  even now they are kept secret. people deportations, mass death camps(nazi germany went to soviet union to learn from em how to make em) anexations..... you think only nazi germany did that?

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well stalin did kill far more of his own generals then the enemy ever did, and when your suffering an attrition rate as high as they were id imagine you'd have to crack a few heads just to keep the machine going at all.

The russians were afterall famous for originating the tactic of only equipping the first line of troops with weapons and the rest take their weapons from the dead when they fall.

Heck i thought they represented the russians unfairly well.