Commandos Strike Force brings a new thing in its series, FPS. Unfortunately, with these lacks, it disappoints many fans.

User Rating: 6.5 | Commandos Strike Force PC
Commandos Strike Force is OK, but that's about it really. The gimmick of this game is that you can select which character to play (as long as he is available for that mission) this involves a quick key press and you switch back and forth. This does add some depth to play but the AI really does let it all down. The commandos series started life as a RTS type game but Pyro studios decided for this outing they would go down the FPS/strategy route.

The graphics even at 1280x1024 with everything turned up to maximum look dated. The lip sync is non existent and looks like it's 5 years out of date where the bottom jaw just moves up and down and then they laid over the sound track on top. The actual characters and NPC's all look like they should belong on the PS2 and really let the game down especially on PC. CSF is a multi platform game being released on PS2, Xbox and PC but as with all these games, the graphics are just not up to scratch for todays PC's. It's a real shame really as some of the level graphics are quite beutiful from bombed out Starlingrad to the snowy mountains of Norway. But again the textures are plain and belong on a console.

The sound is a standard fare with some nice orchestral pieces to liven things up and give atmosphere but again this is standard and no option of EAX. The guns sound OK but just OK, there is nothing special, they sound as they should but with no "beef" to them so they sound a bit weak.

But then comes the level design and gameplay and this is what saves this game from getting a low score. The levels are great and can finsihed in a number of ways. I suppose it's a little bit linear but the option of being able to switch between characters livens things up. You can be sneaking with the spy and reach a checkpoint. There is no way through for the spy but if you switch to the sniper this all changes. You get in to position, take aim and fire. Quickly one by one you take out the guards at the checkpoint, you switch back to the spy and quickly make your way through into the barracks kill the general and take his uniform, this lets you walk around unnoticed unless you see another general or higher ranking officer who will see you as an imposter and raise the alarm. The levels all pan out similar to this in one way or another and this does give an extra edge to it all. But then the AI goes and spoils. In one of the levels your under heavy attack from the germans and you have control of the green beret and the sniper. You use the green beret for close quarter combat and use his machine gun, then you hear the general say "shoot the officers to stop the german onslaught". So you make sure the green beret is behind cover and swap to the sniper, you start to take out the officers and then you get the message that a comrade has fallen. You have to run to him and give him a health pack to revive him, but as soon as you let the computer take control again over the green beret he hardly ever protects himself and keeps getting shot! So it's never ending race to keep your 2 chaps alive. Once again the AI lets you down. But even with this flaw and the outdated graphics there lies are pretty good game. The levels are really good and really fun to play and for me this was it's saving grace.

So overall this could of been alot better but it's still worth a go. If Pyro had spent a little bit more time on the AI and graphics this could of scored alot better.