Commandos Strike Force lets you experience WW 2 in a unique and often times better way than the usual WW 2 FPS.

User Rating: 8.9 | Commandos Strike Force XBOX
In the game you will play as a Green Beret, your regular soldier, a sniper, and a spy who can take out enemies and steal their uniforms. On some missions you can switch between the sniper and the Green Beret when fighting the Nazi war machine. There are familiar places in the game such as Stalingrad and new ones like a snowy Norwegian coastline. Each of the 3 playable characters, with their special abilities, provide ample use of strategic tactics but going in guns a blazing works fine too. Speaking of guns, Commandos Strike Force boasts a great selection of weapons used during the war. The graphics are not stunning but they do the job. There are plenty of worse looking games than this one and the sound is also fine.

Overall this game is fantastic with only a few rough spots.