Commandos is not as bad as people make it out to be

User Rating: 7.8 | Commandos Strike Force XBOX
Commandos is a very interesting game that has carried the ideas from the original commandos and brought them over to a FPS game. These ideas play for a more interesting world war 2 game. But some of little problems in the game bring it down

The gamplay is fun, its fun to see how they made a great game like commandos and make it into a FPS game. In the game there are 3 characters the solider, sniper, and the spy. These characters in gameplay can be switched from by using the black button. The spy I found was a bit stupid, if you pull out a weapon he will change from his nazi disguise to his normal uniform. This will become pretty bad at parts, and will make the game feel like it wasn’t even finished. The sniper is the best of all three characters because they made the sniping easy and fun to do. The solider is fun, but you can not use the iron sights with all of you’re weapons and this can become hard to take out important targets.

The graphics, are not to great, but after awhile you will just look past them and realize that this game is just a lot of fun. The sound just sounds like a normal world war 2 shooter. The music is really great.

The game is not worth your money for a purchase unless you have xbox live. If you don’t have live stay to a rental.

The game overall is just fun to play through, but is short lived. This game could have been better, I recommend this game to any people that like ww2 games, or like the commandos games