The Commandos strikes with a new gameplay type...... TERRIFIC!!!!

User Rating: 8 | Commandos Strike Force XBOX
Commandos strike finally decides to change the RTS gameplay to a FPS gameplay ......

The first Commando game who changes from the other ones.
In this game you can play the Green Beret,The Sniper and the Spy .
Each one has possibilities that the other hasn't :

-The Green Beret can use heavy weapons and can provide great fire power ,
-The Sniper can use accurate weapons and kill enemies at long distance,
-The Spy can kill enemies and can wear they uniforms.

In every mission , you can switch between two Commandos during the game.
The graphics looks terrible ! Colors are fake ,expressions are fake!
You can interact with very few things.
And the level limits are two short

The game looks great , good scenario.