HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 3.4 | Commandos Strike Force PC
This game should never had been made. Bring back the old commandos style games. Pyros should be ashamed for ruining one of the best game series ever with the moronic attempt at a run-of-the-mill WWII FPS game. Like their aren't a bazillion others out there like it, except better. I played the demo just to give it a chance, but that was enough for me. This game just plain blows the big one. To think what Pyros could have done to the old series with today's technology. The original games contained a style of gameplay that's very unigue compared to other games. There are few games out there of that squad-based style, especially newer ones.

Ah...what coulda been.


Okay, I adjust my original rating of the game because I felt a bit dishonest in my anger at Pyros for making this game. I still think it's a poor game and poor concept, and Pyros missed the boat on using advance technology to bring the original series up-to-date.