An okay game, but it has some flaws.

User Rating: 7 | Commandos Strike Force PC
It is an okay game, but it needs some tweaking to it. But the bad thing that they changed the series from a strategy games, into a First-person shooter games.

Graphics: 6/10

The graphics were quite good at its time, but it wasn't really that good. Lipsynching is terrible in this game, you just feel that the character is just moving his jaw up and down, not talking. Animations are okay but still, it was so not good. I find the animations not smooth which could have been better if they spent some more time on it.

Gameplay: 8/10

Gameplay is just fine, it just make you feel that you are playing an average First-person shooter. There isn't really anything so special.

Sound 9/10

The sound effects are great in this game, and the voice acting is just fine

Multi-player 8/10

I really enjoyed the multi-player in this game, and it was quite balanced. On each side you have three classes to choose from, Sniper, Assault, and Spy (if I can remember well). You could unlock a special weapon if you get more than 30 kills. But the only thing multi-player misses in this game is an Anti-Cheating program, because there is lots hackers in this game, which make the game terrible if you encounter one.

Overall 7/10

The game could be a lot better than it is, it would be awesome if it was a strategy games, just like the other games in the series, like Commandos 2. The worst thing I have in this game is that there is only three characters. while Commandos 2 had eight characters and Commandos 3 had six characters.
I would recommend this game if you only had the spare cash.